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The look of your Shopify store is essential for your E-Commerce success. Optimize your Shopify theme for a better user experience, faster loading times and higher sales.


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Sure, we all know that the standard Shopify themes are great and comprehensive. Nevertheless, there are excellent reasons to go for a custom theme.

Wow Your Customers

Great User Experience

A custom design and theme will help you deliver a bespoke user experience for your customers by tailoring everything exactly to their needs.

Showing Strength

Build Your Brand

A custom themes design will suit your brand perfectly and help you establish your brand image in the right way.

Fast & Smooth

Increased Performance

A custom theme only includes the components you really need and can thus be easily optimized for faster loading speeds and good Google Web Vitals.

Earn More

Conversion Rate Optimization

We can help you optimize your conversion rates by installing a rigorous process of testing and improvements, so you can generate more revenue.

Spend Less

Reduce App Costs

Apps are a great way to expand your store, but their fees add up quickly. We can help you add functionality to your theme, so you can use fewer apps and save real money.

Only Hire Professionals

Shopify Experts at Your Service

Take a look at our Shopify design & theme development services.

We plan and conceptualize a unique web design for your custom Shopify store – from user experience design to the last line of code.

Taking your brand and your customer's expectations into account, we design and develop a unique and completely bespoke Shopify theme for you, while following state-of-the-art UX design standards & principles.

We tweak and expand your existing theme to create one that is completely on-brand and uniquely yours.

We expand on your theme with individual content elements and features that you can set up through the theme customizer and use everywhere in your Shopify store.

We work to improve your valuable user experience, whilst also improving load times and the conversion rate of your theme. This also includes the streamlining of theme files that are cluttered with code remnants of apps and previous changes.

With our help and the Headless Commerce approach, you can reach a new level of flexibility and uniqueness with the Shopify platform.
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In 2021, Shopify introduced the new Shopify Stores 2.0 theme standard. We help you upgrade your current theme to the new standard, so you can reap the benefits of this big theme overhaul.

Unique Theme Design! During the relaunch of our B2C & B2B E-Commerce presence, a big focus was on wanting a custom design of our new websites. Thanks to Especial, this has been achieved in a truly unique way.

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