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B2B customers want a brilliant user experience and the ease of shopping that they are accustomed to from purchasing privately. Yet, B2B sales is more complex and demanding than selling to consumers. At Especial, we specialise in building bespoke B2B shops that accommodate and adapt to your unique business needs and deliver stellar service to your business customers.

Focus on B2B customer needs

B2B Commerce Expectations

Just as in B2C eCommerce, online customers in B2B also expect basics like reliability, good design and fast loading speeds from your website. Moreover, there are many added requirements, that are not as commonly seen in B2C stores, yet vital for your B2B eCommerce success.

The sales process in B2B is typically very specifically designed around a companies products, services, and customer relationships. A successful B2B online store needs to be able to reflect these workflows and processes – e.g., by providing approval flows, custom invoicing and payment rules per client etc.

Products and price structures are typically rather complex in B2B sales. You might even have dedicated products and price lists per customers. Most eCommerce platforms are not prepared for this kind of complexity.

Complexity in data processing and data integrity requires reliable and scalable integrations with your existing systems and IT landscape.

Business customers often have multiple people issuing orders for one company. Thus, a B2B store needs to offer multi-level accounts to be able to syndicate these personal accounts under department- and company accounts.

Usually, B2B eCommerce doesn't exist in a vacuum. You are probably employing a team of sales people that also support your customers. A successful B2B store will integrate itself with existing sales measures and offer features that empower your sales crew to reach new heights.

Easier, Better, Faster

The Advantages of B2B Shops

A successful B2B store will help your business succeed on many fronts.

Smoother Processes

A great B2B store helps you automate processes in marketing and sales, freeing up valuable time to spend on value adding tasks.

Support your Sales Team

A good B2B store is a great tool for your sales team, as it automates menial tasks, provides valuable information and makes daily life easier.

Win New Customers

A B2B store will help you attract and retain new customers and customer groups that are looking for a more digital relationship to their suppliers.

Better Customer Service

With a good B2B store, your business customers will have more self-service options to solve their problems more quickly.

Expand your Marketing

A B2B shop will enable you to collect additional information about your customers and make the use of digital marketing more efficient.

Hire the A-Team

Especial Services

You need the right experts to plan and build a B2B Shop that's perfectly aligned with your goals and your customers expectations. We combine the tech expertise and knowledge about B2B sales to deliver great results for your company.

B2B eCommerce can help almost all companies. If you don't know how digital tools can enable your B2B sales, we can help you develop a bespoke concept that takes the unique aspects of your business and sales approach into account.

Building a B2B shop starts with choosing the right platform and tools. We partner with multiple eCommerce platforms, CMS software solution providers and many more companies and can thus find the right options for your bespoke case.

Of course, we also build your B2B store for you and help you launch it.

To realize the full potential of your B2B shop, it needs to be integrated with your existing systems. We build integrations and reliable middleware to make sure data flows smoothly.

Just as any other eCommerce store, B2B shops need maintenance and continuous development and optimization to stay ahead of your competition. We can support your growth upon request or through retainer solutions.

Especial – what a force of nature! They came up with great ideas to re-organize our B2C and B2B E-Commerce. The B2B catalog gives us a leg up over competitors and is even attracting new partnerships!

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