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We’re a Headless Commerce Agency. We are experts at complex tech but know when to keep things light and simple. Welcome front-ends! Independent front-ends allow us to create the best possible customer experience, an independent shop system, and lets us move away from slow and old-school shop themes.

Design + code

Setting Your Priorities. Your Company first. Shop Systems second.

It is true that unfortunately many E-Commerce companies need to regularly change their shop systems. It's a sad reality – but we’ve found the cure! From experience, we know that this primarily happens when the front-end is no longer up to date. Here is where we come in – with correctly implemented headless commerce, your company invests in a future-oriented user interface independent of shopsystems for a long and healthy digital presence – just what the doctor ordered.


Independent Front-end

It’s as easy as saying A B C. With headless commerce, you can operate your shop front-end with any shop system, ERP, PIM, CRM, and CMS. If you decide to replace one of your systems, you can simply connect your headless front-end to it.


The possibilities are endless!

Headless commerce stands for best-of-breed and unlimited freedom. Best-in-class front-end features such as filters, product searches, galleries and download speeds are finally no longer dependent on your shop system. Every investment in the user interface is an investment in your future.

State of the art

Performance & Scalability

Web development never sleeps. New best practices change into new must-haves every month in this rapidly evolving field. By having a headless front-end and incorporating it with the cloud, you can stay on top of this fast-paced field.


Perform in New Sales Channels

Headless Commerce allows you to use a web app and APIs to implement with all kinds of sales channels. This way, you can connect to any marketplace and simultaneously employ cutting-edge technology like PWAs or virtual reality applications on your other channels to gain a competitive advantage.

With headless commerce, you can use the most modern technologies for your web shop – and replace them if whenever needed. In contrast to this, shop systems force you to use certain technologies and programming languages. Usually, this comes with the fact, that certain functions or results are not possible with a particular shop system.

Since you are not restricted by technical limitations, you can transfer data to marketplaces directly from your PIM or ERP. You are not restricted by the functionality of certain apps or plugins, but can provide first-class data to marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay.

B2B channels often have specific requirements that can only be integrated into a conventional shop system with great effort. This is because B2B channels often work very differently from B2C channels. For example, graduated discounts, certain discount conditions per customer or complex rights management and the connection of your own logistics solutions. With headless commerce, you can use APIs to create the perfect B2B channel - tailored to your needs.

A headless commerce solution can get converted very quickly into a PWA or native app for iOS and Android. This means that your product get published on all popular app stores and you introduce yourself to millions of new potential customers.

With headless commerce, innovative sales channels like virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) apps are at your fingertips. Using headless commerce, you can prepare your company for the requirements of tomorrow, and develop a clear competitive advantage based exciting on new technologies.


The best tools
at your disposal

You get to choose! Pick out the best bits of the IT Market with Headless Commerce. Keep the things on board that you feel serve your company best and leave the rest in the past. We want you to be exceedingly proud of your site and not buckled down by sub-par shop systems or user interfaces.


All we see is optimized content

Manage your content uniformly across all platforms in a Headless CMS and deliver a seamless user experience.

Shop Systems

You’re in charge here

Your shop system should work for you and not the other way around. Choose exactly what you want.


Integration of systems

Inventory systems shouldn’t be a headache. Connect your front-end via APIs

PWA & Native Apps

There's an app for that – Yours!

Have an online presence with your shop, your content and everything else. Picture this: your very own App on the Apple App Store and in the Play Store. How exciting!

World-Class Performance

Get a head start

Modern web technology & UX are perfectly accepted by Google and its visitors. No risks – only opportunities and rewards.

Leave the rest to us

Does it have an API? Take advantage of it!

Headless Commerce works with everything that has an API. If it doesn't have one, we'll engineer one for you.

Especial – what a force of nature! They came up with great ideas to re-organize our B2C and B2B E-Commerce. The B2B catalog gives us a leg up over competitors and is even attracting new partnerships!

Jörg Kühn-Thomas

Inhaber, PGM Art World

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