Hydrogen: Headless Commerce the Shopify Way

Shopify has spoken. A product was carefully and expertly created in the clever labs of Shopify, which they’ve ‘coolly’ dubbed Hydrogen. A long-awaited answer to the popular headless commerce technique. Hydrogen allows Shopify users and Shopify developers to create powerful and customized shopping experiences.


Shopify Hydrogen

Headless Commerce Made Simple

Reach new heights! Thanks to headless commerce, you can now take your existing or new online shop to new levels. All whilst soaking up the sunny advantages of the largest, most popular, and user-friendly E-Commerce platform worldwide – Shopify!


Peak Conditions for Frontend

With Hydrogen you enjoy the most important headless advantages: An extremely powerful front-end with excellent loading times, SEO values ​​and unparalleled possibilities for customization. Plus, enjoy the rapid growth and scalable hosting that Shopify is known for.


Complete freedom for Shopify

Gone are the days of feeling shackled. Finally, enjoy true design freedom with Hydrogen. Your bases are covered with the usual functionality of Shopify, but the outcome is just so much better when you bring Hydrogen into the field.


Keep moving forward with Shopify

Oh, it’s just getting started! Shopify is investing many resources into making Hydrogen the best it can be by adding new features like a CMS theme editor and more! They’re creating something that will shape the future. Hop on board, it’s going to be an amazing ride.

Headless commerce by Shopify & Especial

The Especial Hydrogen Offer

As an official Shopify Plus Partner Agency and pioneer in the headless commerce field, we have a team full of experts, ready for your Hydrogen and other headless commerce needs. Our range of services include:

No hydrogen stone will go unturned. Our experts will advise you on all aspects of implementing Hydrogen in your company. As a business development agency, we always focus on giving the most efficient and practical advice possible, leaving you in mint condition.

We are on a noble quest! We strongly believe in the future of headless commerce, which is why we push our developers and designers to pioneer the integration of headless commerce for Shopify. Working alongside Shopify as a Shopify Plus Certified Partner is an honor bestowed upon us that we do not take lightly, and we look forward to driving the development of Hydrogen in the DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region.

If you have an existing Hydrogen shop, then we’d love to work on further developing your site and maintaining its pristine structure. We’d happily and expertly take over performance improvements, the integration of new tools such as a headless CMS or the implementation of new design elements.

The Headless Commerce approach with Hydrogen enables your business by providing extensive freedom to build what you need. --> Learn more


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