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Our customers greatly appreciate our advice because we lay the foundation for successful projects and solve complex obstacles on their behalf. Using a modern approach, we resolve your questions with concrete and factual answers.

Concept Development

It’s all about you. We work with you, side by side, to develop a unique concept to implement all your ideas. We love to involve all stakeholders in workshops and design sprints, explaining our process and helping you with the internal marketing of your concept.

User Centricity

Your users need to be happy. The product development we create is therefore based on corporate direction but geared toward being as user-friendly as possible. This is why we take the time to involve your future customers as early as possible to refine our concept based on vital user feedback.

Technology Consulting

We know Tech. It’s the world we consult in, and the world we understand. Let us evaluate and choose the suitable technology for your projects based on our extensive experience.


Think Strategically.
Act Pragmatically.

We think of everything. Our consulting services are unique and effective in their approach. With your digital strategy in mind, we actualize your ideas, validate them with future users and then plan the implementation phase with you.

We help you to develop digital solutions for your problems and USPs. To do this, we use design sprints and commerce workshops with all stakeholders.

User-centered design is based on direct feedback from your customers. We help you to identify your future customers. Then, we carry out user tests with your target group. This way, you can be sure that your application will solve a real problem and meets your user's needs.

The European Union supports projects related to digital transformation with various funding programs. Depending on your project requirements, substantial subsidies of up to € 25,000 and more are possible. Consult us for more details.

Commerce Design Sprints

Give us
two weeks

Product development can seem daunting and high risk. We eliminate this risk by implementing your ideas as prototypes and testing them with future users. In Commerce Design Sprints, we develop a concept and a clickable dummy in only two weeks.

We have adapted the concept of the popular Design Sprints from Google Ventures to e-commerce scenarios. Design sprints are ideal for quickly finding ideas and testing them with real users.

By using state-of-the-art tools, we can build prototypes almost entirely without coding. We use prototypes in UX labs to test a first version of the software with your future customers and all relevant stakeholders.

Backlog management of feature requests is a tricky thing to do. We help you distinguish good feedback from bad feedback and support you in tackling the right features. Thus, you can use your budget in the most cost-effective way.

IT architecture consulting

The perfect
technology for
your ideas

01. Analyses & Research

ERP, Shop System, Cloud, PIM, CRM, CMS – we look at your specific goals and long-term strategy to create a list of possible systems and technologies.

02. Decision Time

We’re with you, every step of the way during this process. Allow us to help you select the correct technology partner in the maze of shop and system providers, taking the deadline and budget into account.

03. Design & Documentation

Once the right technologies have been chosen, we will document the design of your future IT landscape for you so that you can start implementing it in an organized and informed manner.

Especial – what a force of nature! They came up with great ideas to re-organize our B2C and B2B E-Commerce. The B2B catalog gives us a leg up over competitors and is even attracting new partnerships!

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