The opportunities are endless. BigCommerce is an open SaaS platform that works wonders for mid- to enterprise-size businesses. An E-Commerce platform designed with the future in mind.


The importance of BigCommerce

The “B” in BigCommerce stands for Benefits

Easy to Incorporate

Easy to get started

A huge benefit of the BigCommerce platform is that it is designed to be easy to learn and quick to set up. All the tools and resources that you need during set-up and as you grow, are readily available and easy to implement.

Sell internationally

Let’s go Global

The great thing about BigCommerce is that you can take it international. The platform has an expansive range of options when it comes to multi-currency options and multi-language possibilities.

Powerful APIs

Stay agile & innovate

The BigCommerce platform is flexible and comes with powerful APIs, which allow for flexibility and custom solutions - from the integration of third party software to the development of headless commerce experiences.

Strength in SEO

All at your Fingertips

Search Engine Optimization continues to be important for all online businesses. BigCommerce gives you all the SEO tools to work on your search engine ranking and increase the visibility of your online presence - from editing page meta titles, to URLs – you name it, they have it!

Peace of Mind

Security is Key

As an online store owner, you need to ensure that the data of your business, and that of your customers, is kept securely and safely. This can be a massive headache, however, if you use BigCommerce, they take care of security features and updates for you.

24/7 Customer Support

Help all round

BigCommerce is known for their excellent customer support team. They take pride in being able to help all of their users with any issues they may be facing. They work round the clock to offer support and assistance. A really great service that truly works in your favor.

build a business that can take on the world

Especial and BigCommerce work together for you

What do you get when you mix creativity and a tech-savvy team with a killer E-Commerce platform with almost unlimited possibilities? You get the Especial and BigCommerce Combo. BigCommerce offers all the critical back-end functionalities. We here at Especial can turn this platform to the next level with our design- and development headless capabilities.

Already at conception, our experts are driven to create a unique e-commerce concept that is tailored to your team’s needs.

Using a custom BigCommerce theme, we can create an on-brand design and unique customer experience for your store.

It’s time to get the most out of your BigCommerce store! Allow us to develop a custom App with extensive functionality and modern features.

We expertly merge your BigCommerce store with your system landscape to ensure for smooth sailing all-round.

We will help you with all the steps involved in moving your existing store on to the BigCommerce platform. It will be a stress-free transition – guaranteed.

As we said before, you will have a strong team by your side in us. Using our ‘proudly-nerdy’ scientific methods, we will support you in reaching higher goals by continuously optimizing the user experience and conversion rate of your store.

This one is critical for your SEO success. We will ensure faster load speeds on your BigCommerce store, which will in turn receive a higher ranking on Google, thus creating more visibility for your business.

BigCommerce Case Studies

On BigCommerce, we are saving a significant amount of money on development and overall platform costs. More importantly, we now have an extremely agile environment that can change quickly to meet our business needs. The SaaS aspect of BigCommerce is great because we don't have to worry about hosting, which enables us to focus on the merchandising aspects of the website.

Mark Hopkins

Chief Information Officer, Skullcandy


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