Hygraph - a Content Federation Platform for the Future

A headless CMS to build your content future on and deliver perfect customer experiences every time. Hygraph works for you and scales with your business.

The advantages of Hygraph

Hygraph is so much more than a simple Content Management System (CMS).

Content Federation

Collect all your content in one central platform and deliver this unified information as a truly composable content pipeline into all of your channels.

Integrate & Consolidate

With their powerful APIs, you can easily connect Hygraph to external information sources, like your PIM system, editing software etc. and consolidate the content in one place.

Website Builder

Hygraph doesn't only store content. You can also use its website builder to manage your websites content and set up new pages through their components based approach.


With Hygraph, it is almost effortless to set up and manage multi-language content throughout your company and succeed with your international ambitions.

Permissions & Workflow

Detailed user rights and workflows allow for granular control and lets you set up Hygraph to your bespoke needs.

Power all kinds of apps

Hygraph isn't just a CMS for your website. It also excels in powering e-commerce applications, web- & native apps, IoT devices and many more scenarios.

Hygraph experts for your project

Our team has your back

As Hygraph partners, we support you and your team through any potential challenges you may face when implementing Hygraph in your company.

The first step after choosing to use Hygraph is the setup. We can help you with everything that comes with it: data modelling, setting up the schema for your use case, selecting the correct data types, setting up users and permissions etc.

Hygraph is a Headless CMS and as such, it is usually connected to one or multiple frontends. We can help you design and develop these frontends – regardless whether they will be a website, blog, online store or app.

If you have content stored in an existing CMS or other systems, we can gladly help you migrate this data into your Hygraph instance.

Sometimes you need to integrate your Hygraph with other Systems. Maybe it is to syndicate content from other platforms. Or you're trying to use a third-party service like Algolia Search. No matter the case, we can help you connect your Hygraph instance with any API out there.

Hygraph offers the possibility to expand its functionality with so-called extensions. Want to use a specific text editor within Hygraph or integrate an automatic spell check? We can help you tailor the Hygraph functionality to your specific needs and liking.

Hygraph is also a great solution to pair it with an eCommerce platform to build a powerful and flexible Headless Commerce infrastructure. --> Learn more

We chose Especial for two reasons: On the one hand, they are very familiar with the JAM stack that we want to rely on in the future. On the other hand, they offer fair billing based on work done in the project phases – agile and flexible service. I always look forward to our weekly meetings.

Dr. Maximilian Bräutigam

Marketing Manager GDCh

Want to learn more?

Take a look at our case studies or delve into our blog posts to learn more about the advantages of going Headless with Hygraph and what you can achieve for your business with the right Web-Infrastructure and Tools.

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