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We never stop supporting you. We assist in the continuous development and optimization of our client’s online shop, website, and app. We help increase the purchase rate (conversion rate). We also have a keen eye for design and develop new features. We look after the maintenance and improvement of the technical infrastructure.

Conversion Optimization

Through correctly applied conversion optimization, we usually generate more direct sales, as we increase the probability of visitor purchases.

Always Growing

Digital products are ever-changing to suit the new needs of your users as they come. We help you plan for these changes and continuously implement new features.

Infrastructure Maintenance

Cloud products often run on their own but with On-promise we are committed to helping when you need software patches or new servers.


Gain better
traction with
Conversion Rate

It’s all based on factual data. We optimize the conversion rate of existing shops, websites, and apps, primarily using data as a guideline for improvement. We use tools such as Hotjar and Google Optimize, which enable us to observe the behavior of your users and to validate change ideas in A/B tests.

In our popular UX checks, a UX designer from our team takes a look at your current website or app and gives you non-binding recommendations for optimizing the shopping experience.

With modern tools we can precisely record the behavior of your users - like screenshots and screen recordings. Using these, we'll find chances for optimization and detect usability problems.

We dig deep into the data of your shop analytics, such as sales rankings, to better understand your sales funnel so that we can implement and test our improvement suggestions.

With A / B tests we can test different hypotheses with live users. For example, the effects of buttons in different colors or new elements like as a slide-in cart. Our A / B testing tools randomly deliver an A or B variant to your users and determine the effect on KPIs like shopping cart quota, CR and average shopping cart.


More features for your growing user base

We focus on your user’s needs. All success digital platforms are customer-orientated and are graceful in their approach. We assist in the planning and implementation of potential features.

Backlog management of feature requests is a tricky thing to do. We help you distinguish good feedback from bad feedback and support you in tackling the right features. Thus, you can use your budget in the most cost-effective way.

For our projects, we create a detailed and very transparent cost estimate documents and risk calculation. You can use this as a non-binding decision-making basis in order to make sure that you only implement features with the best cost / benefit ratio.

Together with you, we plan the time planning and roadmap for your project. Our project managers ensure that deadlines and budgets are met. In addition, we provide you with detailed weekly updates on the status of the work and immediately solve any problems that arise.

The appropriate foundation for your ideas


of your IT


01. Updates & Patches

CMS and on-premises shop systems regularly require updates, e.g., implementing exciting new features or protecting your site from security vulnerabilities.

02. Server Maintenance

Cronjobs and the installation of new system updates on existing servers need to be monitored to ensure smooth sailing

03. Relocation & Scaling

We are happy to step in and assist with a move to the cloud or if you’d like to broaden your self-hosted on-premises functionalities – we have you covered.

Our individual bundle solution from Especial looks good and scales better than all the Shopify apps we have tested.

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