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Bring in the
A Team

We work from the inside. We support each of our Especial Dream Team members to work at their highest brilliance – to ensure extraordinary results for our clients. The way we make our client’s stand out from their competitors is by tirelessly investing in the further development of our team and constantly refining our internal processes. It’s a recipe for success that doesn’t need any tweaking – we’ve got it down to a tee.

Bring in the <br />A Team




Successfully completed projects


Returning clients


of daily application users


Know-How & Reliability

You’re only as good as your team. We are open-minded when it comes to recruiting fresh team players. We take things global, pulling and joining people from all nationalities together to make for a diverse and broad-minded group. We handpick our employees based on their commitment, passion, and dedication to the job. Whether an award-winning tech blogger, start-up dropout or big-shot corporate designer – we believe that it is the character of the person and their skills that count most.


We cherry-pick
our staff

We take the time to research and reach out to potential employees based on their performance. This results in employees who are hand-selected based on their skill.



It needs to flow. We enjoy working in harmony and believe that project processes should proceed like clockwork. We streamline our internal workflow and are as precise about it as we are with tech.


Know How

is King

The people that we choose to hire are curious by nature. We love that about them, which is why we provide them with learning platforms and invest in their know-how so that they never stop learning.


The ideas
are endless!

The nationality of our team members is of secondary importance. We work and think outside the box.


Take it global

Our team works remotely. They have the luxury of choosing the location of their choice, and all we ask for in return are fantastic results for our clients.


Consistency is

Our team is dispersed and diverse, but our clients can always rely on consistent output from their dedicated account manager.


Driven by

We care deeply for our clients. Therefore, we support seeing our team members take initiative and create ground-breaking and fantastic new designs/ideas for our clients’ projects.


Agile, efficient, and

We’re a close-knit group. We’ve learnt that working in small project teams creates great results and automatically kicks us into an efficient workflow.


You’re amongst
stellar company

Our customers are as diverse as our team. We work for start-ups as well for international corporations. What they all have in common is that they share our philosophy and are committed to striving for meaningful results. Our work defines us and we take great pride in helping companies best represent their own company values.

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