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Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller
August 5 · 11 min read
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It’s true, Shopify is a highly functional and highly capable E-Commerce platform that can make a vast amount of your online store dreams come true.

We have all read countless articles about just how great Shopify is. When you’re just starting out with your online store, they have the perfect Basic Plan at a low cost to support your online business hopes. If you take it up a notch and want to design a killer website but don’t have the tech know-how to do so, Shopify has a giant array of stylish templates at the ready. Should you be a large enterprise with some serious tech needs, Shopify has your back there too.

All sounds wonderful in theory, right? But what does it look like in practice?

We have chosen 10 companies who are doing some great things to enhance the level of enjoyment of their online visitors. We’ve been blown away by the design of some, the functionality of others, and the general happiness we felt whilst perusing through each of these. Or we’ve felt that their messaging has come across really strongly and this is all thanks to their website design and layout.

Without further ado and in no particular order, let’s take a trip down ‘Impressive Tech Lane’ and marvel at some noteworthy websites together, shall we?

3 Bears

3 Bears have feel-good drinks, they have feel-good porridge – so it comes as no surprise that they boast a wonderfully feel-good website too.

There is something calming about this online shop. It doesn’t brag, and it doesn’t overstimulate you. The balance between two important things, sales and awakening customer interest, is ‘exactly right’. Which is just what Goldilocks thought of the last of the 3 Bears porridge that she tasted. The old and famous children's story forms the inspiration for this business’s name.

The colors of the packing work beautifully on their website. The products are displayed in a way that is both inviting as well as interesting. Their sales options are clever as they allow you to buy individually and also in packages. We love the logo, we adore the caricature in the footer, and we admire their packages.

3 Bears are able to bring across their stance on sustainability and being eco-friendly in a way that is rare. Their approach is not aggressive, but rather very comforting. Their text is stellar, and they explain their ethos and mission easily throughout each of their pages.

The website is easy to navigate and simple to understand. Something that we’re sure having Shopify as their E-Commerce platform of choice has made do-able.


Lizza broadcasts a very interesting website. The colors and product images are all very appealing. They have managed to make their online shop exciting and interesting for their online visitors by adding discount codes when signing up for their newsletter and adding a wheel of fortune if you don’t move your mouse for a little while, also giving you the chance at some form of a discount. What do they get in return? Your highly anticipated email address. Not a bad exchange, some might say.

Their website is on the more busy side, but that makes it all the more inviting. They are selling healthier, low-carb options which honestly, isn’t the same as selling sweet treats and tasty chocolates. However, they have managed to find a way around this by making their website as stimulating as possible.

Sushi Bikes

The name might make you giggle, but once you understand how revolutionary this product is, the smile will most definitely be wiped right off and replaced by a surprised look on your face.

Sushi Bikes, under founders Andy and famous German television host Joko, deliver an exceptional e-bike at a price that is half the price of any other e-bike. Don’t believe us? Take a look at all they have to say here.

It’s a niche product that you are already kind of set on if you’re researching it in the first place. However, if you had any doubt in your mind about buying one, the moment you stumble upon this clean-cut and modern website, you’ll already be sold!

Their website is as stylish as their e-bike, fine lines, high quality, high functionality and enjoyable to look at. All in all, a real win if you’re asking us!


Absolute work-out heaven! If you’re looking to shift into the right gear exercise and health wise, then you’ve found the perfect motivator.

The site itself is uplifting and inspiring! Two very important factors that Freeletics will be happy to know that they have successfully communicated through their website.

You have access to digital coaching, plenty of workout options, recipes, digital nutrition guidelines and the list continues. They mention directly on their homepage, which is a great place to start, that their app is trusted by 54 million users! That kind of information will immediately make you feel like downloading the app and starting your health and fitness journey, like, yesterday!

The website itself is very easy to navigate. Even if you know nothing about it, within less than 15 seconds you will get a great impression of what this company does. This means that they relay their messaging and sales within a very short amount of time, this is very important for all businesses to try to do!

They also have an online shop that you can peruse and shop on. They have perfectly managed to create a well-rounded and all encompassing site that supports each of its online visitors from the very beginning of simply scrolling through their website, all the way to downloading the app, participating in workouts, testing out recipes themselves and shopping for merchandise!

Paper & Tea

Paper & Tea is massively aesthetically pleasing. An absolute joy to scroll through and shop on! Their website makes you want to reach through the screen and take a sip of the heavenly looking tea that is being poured. That’s the kind of feeling you want to evoke from your online visitors – you want their shopping experience to be as inclusive as possible and make them want to reach in for more. This is something that Paper & Tea has certainly managed to do.

Their products are beautifully packaged, which adds a level of visual enjoyment and sophistication to the whole thing. They’re also very clever because they have a ‘Chat with Us’ icon in the bottom-left corner of their home page, so the moment the site opens, you immediately feel supported. They’ve also rather cleverly included their star rating, which is also visible the moment you open the site – a brilliant way to incite trust.

They make sure that you know that their product range is wonderful for both your own home purchases, as well as for gifting to others. Their website copy is eloquent and easy to understand. Paper & Tea just hits a lot of the E-Commerce basics right on the head.


What an engaging website! From their little animation of a delivery van picking up hand-crafted shoes in Italy to a businessman wearing them in his office wherever he may be. To the video showcasing just how hand-crafted their luxury products are!

The website gives you the feel of being in Italy. The home page makes you want to continue scrolling through it as with every scroll, you feel like you are getting to know a deeper part of the Velasca story.

They make it easy for you to understand their heritage, their culture, and their pride. These pieces of emotion are woven through the copy that is used on the website. It’s not easy to bring across so many different aspects of a business on one landing page alone. The video’s that they allow you to watch and the way they have their products set up let any online visitor know that they are buying a little piece of Italian history with every shoe.

It’s a well-designed website that showcases exactly why we all love Shopify so much.


This is the coolest thing since sliced bread was invented.

It is such a well-designed and smart website. If you’re looking for furniture, this website will amaze you with how it allows you to essentially create your own pieces. It is completely engaging and lets you play on it as well, while effortlessly displaying what's possible to build on the Shopify platform.

Just go to any of the products, and then you will see for yourself! You can choose different color combinations, you can open cupboards to see how the piece looks inside, and there is something very special they’ve added too! You can look at a piece of furniture, but they add additional sections on the side that you can pick and add to your piece. Naturally, as you do so, the price increases, but it’s honestly so cool. You get to put what you have in your head down on paper (or on a digital website, actually) and see your idea come to life. It’s stellar modern web technology that made me feel like buying a living room set even though I have no need for one at all.

A truly heavenly website with some cutting-edge technology that has made boring and stressful furniture shopping into something exciting and playful.

Happy Coffee

Give me a double shot of whatever they’re having!

The website itself has all the bits you’d expect to find from a great brand with a great mission! Where Happy Coffee have really excelled is in how they have packaged their information about each and every one of the coffee beans that they sell. Their dropdown menu offers a huge amount of information, and they are all captured in a story-telling manner, making it a gripping read.

It is a compelling website and an even more compelling website that makes you want to buy coffee! They were smart to include their reviews almost everywhere. It is true, we buy because we trust a brand. And nothing speaks louder for trust than a website that boasts a lot of people who have tried and tested the brand and continue to speak highly of it.

It is difficult to make people want to read larger bits of text, but Happy Coffee have somehow managed to do so. It’s a great website filled with a lot of useful information.


Bold shoes and a bold website!

With AllBirds you know exactly what you’re in for the moment you open their website.

They stand for stylish design, mixed with comfort and coupled with comfortability. They have divided their products into different sections depending on what you need them for. They have then further divided that section into the categories of ‘men’ or ‘women’. The website is easy to navigate and clear to understand. The images that they have used are appealing and the text easy to read. They have made sure to use larger fonts, as well as smaller fonts. This is helpful to make the reading process easier for everyone regardless, meaning that the information is accessible.   

They are so bright with their concepts too. They have a section in their dropdown menus at the top called ‘RERUN’ which is where you can get your hands on pre-owned favourites that have been used gently. It goes hand in hand with their desire to be a sustainable brand. What is more sustainable than reusing things? Their branding is great and comes across well on their site. For the fact that there are so many images and videos, it is very fast to load, which makes it enjoyable to use.


The art of story-telling.

Through Heinz’s Shopify site, this international brand has managed to capture the essence of what they stand for – the perfect condiment to any meal. They stay with time too, don’t they! The American looking monster of a burger all the way to an Asian rice burger.

You can clearly see what Heinz stands for upon first glance of their store. They are proud of many things – their products, how they make their products, how to use their secret Heinz flavor to improve your home kitchen’s sauces and finally, how they have come to be.

The site is playful and colorful. It is easy to understand and follow, and therefore also easy to navigate for any online visitor. You can see that they have tried their best to make their products speak for themselves, as opposed to going in for the ‘hard sale’. It feels like a kind-natured website, which is a rare thing to feel from a website. Usually, one thinks ‘Wow this is modern’ or ‘Nice layout’ but this store has managed to make things feel easy.

That’s a wrap – Thanks Shopify

All these websites have made the most out of what Shopify can offer. Shopify is a stellar E-Commerce platform that allows merchants that use them to shine in their own right. What all these brands have managed to do is the ultimate collaboration between merchant and service provider. Each party has been able to get the most out of the other. We are deeply impressed with every single one of these brands, and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with in the future.

If you’re looking to create your own website or re-platform your existing online store to Shopify and if you want something cutting edge and exciting, like we put on display here, then get in touch with us! Email us on hello@especial.digital or just use our contact form right here on our website.

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