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Reliability, passion, and a practical approach are at the heart of everything we do. These are the core values that guide our team through converting your ideas into design and code. We not only offer support in programming projects, but also help you in your pursuit using workshops and design sprints.

UX Conception

We develop a practical concept for your digital idea with our workshops and design sprints using UX and Usability designs.

Visual Design

In Visual Design, we implement wireframes and UX mock-ups in detailed and modern designs, taking your CI and CD into account.


Let us take over all the complex technology components, so you don’t have to. We produce high quality code work, efficiency, scalability, and peace of mind for our customers.

Customer-focused UX Design

What do your
customers want?

A customer-orientated concept is imperative. Providing us with an outline of your idea will help us in working out a concrete concept for you. Bearing your budget and deadline in mind.

E-Commerce Concept Workshops

In our workshops we develop the concept with all stakeholders. We have our detailed questionnaires, and other useful tools, at the ready for E-Commerce projects.

UX Design & Wireframes

In UX designs we develop wireframes that highlight the general layout and vital interaction elements. Since we consciously forego colors here, we first concentrate on the quintessence of your idea.

Remote E-Commerce Design Sprints

To quickly evaluate new ideas, we offer popular design sprints based on the Google Ventures method. We have customized the standard process of E-Commerce requirements.


In only a few weeks we create interactive click dummies that you can use to evaluate the concept with potential customers and internal stakeholders.

User Validation

In remote test laboratories, we record the feedback of future users and tweak your concept to best suit their needs.

Visual Design

The Ultimate Digital
Branding Experience

Once you are satisfied with your concept, we will proceed with designing the final look of your project. We’re known for modern layouts, with emphasis on the overall aesthetic, and ease of use.

Before we start with the visual design, we collect references from a pool of your national and international competition. Then, we complement experiences & best practices from other industries and current design trends. This is how we ensure that we'll create modern and user-friendly designs.

Of course, we adapt our designs to your corporate design (CD) if necessary. We use fonts, colors and imagery as prescribed in your design guide or branding guide.

Our designers are professionals at design for digital products. We don't employ print designers. Therefore, our team only uses tools, methods and know-how for the creation of digital products. You can be sure that your designs will be created expertly and optimized for digital interface.

For important animations, we can create prototypes in advance. We simulate how important user interactions such as overlays, variant selection or purchase processes will actually look like even before we write the first line of code.

As standard, we include two detailed revision loops in our proposals. You can use these to adjust details or to have areas completely revised.


Technology With
A Punch

01. Front-end

The front-end is the interface with which your users will come into contact. We pay attention to very fast download speeds, stimulating animations and accessibility according to the latest Web standards.

02. Back-end

Typical back-end processes include servers such as importers, e-mail services, databases, and login processes. We focus on implementing technologies that allow future changes to be made easily and that also have the bandwidth of huge scalability – clever tech that you can rely on for years to come.

03. Machine Learning / KI

Modern tech that is affordable. AI is the new norm – we combine existing program libraries with AI components to deliver higher quality performance of your applications.

We chose Especial for two reasons: On the one hand, they are very familiar with the JAM stack that we want to rely on in the future. On the other hand, they offer fair billing based on work done in the project phases – agile and flexible service. I always look forward to our weekly meetings.

Dr. Maximilian Bräutigam

Marketing Manager, GDCh e.V.


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