The Advantages of Shopify Plus

Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller
December 10 · 5 min read

The Advantages of Shopify Plus

Shopify themselves say: ‘Commerce is what we do best.’

Well, let’s put that to the test, shall we?

It’s about time that we look into what advantages you can plan to benefit from when choosing this E-Commerce platform as your partner.

I mean, there is a reason that these big brands below all use Shopify Plus as their E-Commerce platform:



Steve Madden

Benefits of Shopify Plus

Implement & Migrate

Shopify Plus works if you’re just about to start your store, or if you’re already in business and want to migrate from your E-Commerce platform to the Shopify Plus platform. Regardless of where you find yourself in your business life cycle, Shopify Plus will be able to assist you wherever you are.

Easy as A B C

Shopify has a reputation for being a lot easier to use than other platforms out there. It has a modern and clear interface that makes finding things and managing your store as straightforward as it gets.

From creating your store, all the way to making sales and analyzing data – all this information is easy to understand and access on Shopify Plus.

Moves as You Need It

With Shopify Plus, you have a bevy of design and layout templates to pick from (or you can go custom, like most established brands do). The website you design will function as you need it to, include the features that you’d like, and you can quickly add new features by installing apps from the Shopify app store.

The greatest benefit here is not only that Shopify is a very handy and accommodating platform during the set-up stages. It’s also great when moving forward, it’s future-proof. New features need to be integrated; new payment methods enter the field (e.g., Apple Pay). Shopify will keep up with the latest developments in the e-commerce sphere and prepare a solution to make integration as easy as possible for you.

Concerning your business’s online longevity and the ROI you’ll want after spending so much time and money on a new website, having a platform that grows with you and that you can take with you into the future (with all the updates and changes that come) is really key to why you’d want to use Shopify Plus.

It can handle A LOT

Shopify Plus can be used for any sized business. It is true that it was designed with larger businesses in mind, but this shouldn’t exclude any small businesses. As larger businesses tend to have a lot of online traffic, Shopify Plus was specifically created to handle this vast volume of site traffic.

As your business grows, your needs grow and Shopify can keep up with all those changes. It is designed to handle up to 1 million page views and 10,000 checkouts per minute! Your online store can be going through the most and your online users won’t feel that, to them, the website will continue to function normally and still be fast to load.

Security & Protection

Shopify Plus comes with the highest form of data protection that exists. They have the industry standard (PCI-DSS Level 1). As an E-Commerce platform that supports millions of businesses that make millions of online transactions per day, keeping the credit card details (and financial data) secure for both the merchant and the customer, is a top priority for Shopify Plus.

With Shopify Plus, credit card security can be ‘out of sight and out of mind’ for merchants, as Shopify takes responsibility for this area. It is a great boon that you can sleep peacefully, knowing that your and your customers data is safe and protected by Shopify’s IT security team.

SaaS Power

A lot of the benefits listed here (being able to handle high traffic, it’s features, high security and so much more) come from the fact that Shopify Plus is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Solution. This means that the company hosts and maintains the software and servers for you. They really do have your best intentions at heart when it comes to their IT expertise.

Their software automatically updates, improves and fixes things without you even realizing it. Software bug? No problem, Shopify’s team is on it. Poor performance speeds? No problem, Shopify’s team is on it. This is a massive benefit for any business that wants to sell online. You will need that extra IT support, but with Shopify, you won’t need a whole IT team.

Reduce Admin Tasks

Shopify Plus has its own Shopify-built tools that help reduce admin tasks, smooth out operations and free your time (and mind) to focus on building a great experience for your customers and making sales!

These tools include Launchpad, Flow (also available with an Advanced Shopify plan), and Scripts which allow you to automate and customize different areas of your store, without having to use a lot of manpower to do so.

Automation tools can take up a lot of time to create and actually take a lot of resources just to conceptualize. Having access to pre-prepared tools that work, have a track record and have been engineered by the best in software, is no small feat.

Taking Things Global

Shopify Plus has amazing and expansive features when it comes to wanting to take your brand global!

Their platform offers you the ability to have your store available in multiple languages with multiple currencies, so you are not restricted to one country or currency only. This will help a lot when your business grows, and you want to expand into.

A Leader in Data

With Shopify Plus, merchants will have access to important data about their sales, sales history, tracking information, what online visitors are browsing, how long they’re staying on a specific page, what items they are adding to their wishlist, shopping cart abandonment rates etc.

Access to vital reports and analytics will help Shopify Plus store owners better understand their customers and make changes accordingly to increase their sales. These reports and analytics are also displayed in a modern set-up, so that it’s easy for merchants to get a deep understanding of their business with really only a glimpse.


We feel that Shopify Plus is the best way to go when setting up or migrating your online shop. It is a user-friendly, modern, highly functional and beautiful-to-work-with platform that can truly fulfill all your online site dreams. If you have any questions about going with Shopify plus, our team of experts would love to assist in any possible way. Please contact us on our website or pop us an email on

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