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Written by the experts of official Shopify Plus Partner Especial this guide provides you with everything you need to know if you’re curious about a headless setup with Shopify. Headless setups can offer massive performance gains and make your store truly standout. We also included a comprehensive checklist to help you decide if going headless is right for you.

Getting the most out of Shopify can be tricky

As a Shopify Store owner, you will be able to understand these struggles: You’d like to offer your services in different countries and need a site that supports multiple storefronts and currencies? You’ve noticed that Shopify has a fixed URL structure which is infringing on your SEO visibility? You’re feeling limited with the CMS and PIM functionality of Shopify?

learn how headless allows your business to implement features faster and to be on the forefront of innvoation

learn how the headless approach opens things up to make your shop more user friendly

learn how it gets easier to go global with headless

learn how headless enables you to choose systems that work best for YOU!

learn how to implement clever tactics to improve your site’s speed

Going headless truly changed my business. We needed a B2B site with very unique features that was available in multiple languages. Going headless solved this as expanding to international markets is suddenly very easy to do. Thank you Especial for your incredible work!

Jörg Kühn-Thomas

PGM ArtWorlD

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