The Shopify POS App – What is it? How does it work?

Natalie Miller
Natalie Miller
August 19 · 7 min read
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What is the Shopify POS App?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that has a POS app which is called Shopify POS.

What does POS stand for?

POS = Point of Sale

The Shopify POS app is a system for making sales in person. It is what the name says 'point of sale' i.e. how/where you can process sales transactions and accept payments for in person sales which often happen directly in your retail store.

The Shopify POS system is synchronized directly to your Shopify store and Shopify admin. So you link it to your existing website. It is amongst the top eCommerce point of sales solutions. The Shopify POS system is an excellent app that empowers businesses who are Shopify merchants.

How Shopify POS works

How it works is that you firstly need to be a Shopify merchant with a Shopify package to gain access to the Shopify POS app – whether you have a Basic Shopify plan, an Advanced Shopify plan or any of their plans. You cannot use the Shopify POS system without being a Shopify merchant.

You can however, use other POS systems with Shopify, like Square POS, LightSpeed and Vend. Using these with Shopify, instead of integrating the Shopify POS system, does come with certain drawbacks as the software is not perfectly in sync, as you are connecting two different companies, as opposed to using just Shopify.

You then need to download the Shopify POS app. You can do so either through the Apple app store or through Google Play. Once you have downloaded it, you log into your Shopify account to start working on the in-person sales channels of your retail businesses.

Which Shopify POS retail hardware do you need?

Shopify POS hardware

Shopify POS is designed for iPads, iPhones, tablets or any smartphone/mobile device. The only piece of additional hardware that you need to invest in to get started with your Shopify payments through Shopify POS is a Shopify card reader. This will allow you to process and accept payments. Shopify POS can be paired with card reader scanners and cashier printers and is suitable in any brick and mortar stores.

The Shopify POS system software syncs everything you sell online with the Cloud for inventory reporting, regardless of where you are.

You can find out more about Shopify POS hardware and purchase Shopify POS hardware here. These include iPad stands, barcode scanners, Shopify Card reader, etc.

Integrated eCommerce

Shopify POS is designed for an integrated sales experience across several sales channel systems. The Shopify POS system is meant to seamlessly link with your online Shopify store and become your Shopify retail POS. It is meant to improve upon your retail business, as well as, improve the retail experience of your valued in-store customers.

Shopify POS Plans

There are two different Shopify POS plans. Let us look at the Shopify POS cost to a business.

1) Shopify POS Lite

Shopify POS Lite is included in all Shopify plans and is free.

What are some of the POS features of Shopify POS Lite?
  • Mobile POS
  • Order and product management:Inventory tracking
  • Customer profiles
  • Product QR codes
  • Send emails to customers who abandon their carts
  • Staff POS Pins
  • Checkout process:Discount codes, camera barcode scanner, customizable smart grid
  • Unlimited products
  • Product collections
  • Product variants
  • Multi-location inventory
  • Cashflow reports

2) Shopify POS Pro

Shopify POS Pro can be additionally added to your existing Shopify plan at a monthly rate of $89 per month, per location.

What are some of the POS features of Shopify POS Pro?

(the Shopify POS Pro naturally includes all Shopify Lite POS features too)

  • Unlimited store staff:Staff POS Pins, attribute sales to specific staff members etc.
  • Smart inventory management:Inventory tracking, stock adjustments, low stock reports etc.
  • Unlimited registers:Custom printed receipts at checkout, etc.
  • Specific staff roles and access granted regulations:Manager approvals, payment method changes by staff members with correct access etc.
  • In-store analytics
  • Omnichannel selling options: Local pickup, buy in store and ship to customer, local delivery and buy through the online store but return/exchange at retail stores etc.
  • Checkout process:Save and retrieve cart, custom payments, exchanges etc.
For the full list of all that you can expect from Shopify POS and learn more about pos features, simply click here.
For more information regarding the pricing of the Shopify point of sale (pos) please look here.

Improvement through the Shopify POS system

Both Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro are retail orientated. They are both for businesses that wish to improve their service at their retail locations by means of a Shopify POS system.

Shopify POS payment processing

Accept payment

If your in person customer is using an iPad or iPhone the customer is able to pay via almost any means.

It varies slightly per county. In America and Canada, customers can use their credit card as payment methods. In the UK or Ireland you can also use contactless payments and credit cards with the eMV-compatible Tap Chip and swipe card reader.

However, you may need external credit cards to use in countries other than the US and Canada from reputable merchant banks.

For a customer with an iOS device, you can also offer split payments.

Payment provider

Shopify card readers accept payments from various payment providers. Visa, Mastercard, American Express payments, as well Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. What also works is Shopify Tap and the Chip reader. Of course, you can kick it old school and accept cash payments too.

Shopify POS transaction fees

The fees for payment via credit cards are determined by your eCommerce plan. It varies depending on your Shopify plan.

Here is a graph that we found from NerdWallet, that we think clearly displays the different costs depending on your Shopify plan.

Does the Shopify POS app work in your country and currency?

As much as Shopify is an international eCommerce solution, when it comes to Shopify POS, you need to know a few facts.

You can use Shopify POS worldwide. However, your store needs to be based in a country where Shopify has supported credit card providers.

Shopify has outlined a vast amount of payment information that you can specify by clicking on the continent and then the specific country that you are interested in knowing more about.

For the complete list of payment information gateways worldwide, please visit the Shopify payment gateways link here.

Wrap Up

There are two things that we would like to touch on before ultimately concluding. Those two things are:

Improve customer loyalty with the Shopify POS system

Creating customer profiles leads to customer loyalty.

With Shopify POS, you can store vital customer information by creating excellent and extensive customer profiles.

There is nothing better than a customer coming into your brick and mortar shop and receiving as bespoke a service as when they order from your online store. It is to be expected that when they log in to their online portal on your online store that they see their order history and feel comforted and assured to purchase more from this history.

With Shopify POS, you can offer them the same, if not better, bespoke service. You will be able to see their customer history and be able to advise them on future purchases from that information. If you see the products they usually purchase, you can check your inventory (also possible on the Shopify POS system) and recommend a similar 'hot off the press' product.

You can offer them special discount codes if they are repeat customers or offer a gift voucher for future purchases if they are loyal supporters of yours.

Shopify POS customer service and support

Shopify provides free eCommerce support service for all its merchants and their plans.

Shopify is known for its excellent customer service when it comes to their different plans, and it is no different when it comes to their Shopify POS support. Get in touch with the Shopify team at any time and they will gladly assist you. 24/7 support through chat, email and phone.

The reason we mention Shopify's incredible support is because we know that it might be daunting to introduce a new app like the Shopify POS app. We are so convinced by the Shopify POS system and we think it will work wonders, that is if you're interested in increasing your cash flow and adding on to your existing online sales by incorporating in-person sales channels.

Well, folks, there you have is – Shopify POS.

A stellar app, a great system and some first class software. Use your Shopify POS at your retail store, at your next pop up shop or at any location you please! The Shopify POS system is designed to work for you and around your specific needs, not the other way around.

Not exactly convinced yet? Why not take a crack at it yourself first, take it for a spin before committing! Try your free trial here and see all there is to see from the Shopify POS system.

If you would like to get in touch with us to work on your Shopify store together, or if you have any questions regarding Shopify and Shopify POS, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Send us an email on or visit us on our website here.

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